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Bachsten Gorge

Bachsten Gorge waterfall. Look closely at the two smallish figures swimming in the gorge. It just happens to be Lachlan and Ashley, who along with Nathan, walked up ahead of Michelle and I and then decided to do the extra

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Spotted Quolls, Kimberley

Spotted Quolls in the heart of the Kimberley. When staying at Bachsten Camp, we were advised to shut the doors in the car. We listened to the advice but left the rear door open for easy Fridge access (to get

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Bungle Bungles

Spent a couple of days in the Bungle Bungles. The road into the Bungle Bungles is heavily corrugated, a few river crossings to navigate and takes just under 2 hours to travel 50 kilometres! Visiting the Bungles needs to be

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Swimming with Crocodiles, Darwin

I was lucky enough to swim (and come out alive!) with a 4.5 metre crocodile while visiting Darwin. They call it the “cage of death”!

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Darwin Cup 2014, Northern Territory

While we were waiting for the car to get fixed in Darwin (waiting for parts), Ash and I decided to apply for some work at the 2014 Darwin Cup. We had a 60 second interview and secured 4 days work

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Crocodiles in Kakadu National Park

After not seeing any crocodiles on Cape York, we were pretty stoked to see our first saltie near Cahills Crossing in Kakadu NT. We spotted about 30 crocs over 5 days while staying in Kakadu National Park. Definitely not a

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Bitter Springs, Mataranka, NT

Bitter Springs, Mataranka, NT – The thermal pools located 3 kms from Mataranka are just what was needed after spending 3 days driving from Lawn Hill National Park. We booked for 2 but ended up staying for 3 after finding

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Palm Creek, Cape York

Palm Creek, Old Telegraph Track, Cape York. This is the first crossing on the southern section of the track when you go past Bramwell Roadhouse. Not far from here is the infamous Gunshot crossing. Everyone was saying that Palm Creek

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Far North Queensland

12th June 2014 After spending 15 nights on Cape York sleeping in tents, we have finally finished washing our clothes, moving back into the caravan and drying out our tents. Drying out in Cooktown however the weather is still not

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