Best Australian Travel Blogs

There is a wealth of knowledge on the web regarding travelling around Australia so we have put together a list of the best Australian travel blogs, forums and websites that we enjoy reading. Some of them are simply facebook based while others have their own domains or use Blog sites such as Blogger or Weebly to write about their travels.

Where the Road leads us
Where the road leads us is written by our very good friends Dave, Jude, Eliza and Jas. We first met them at Chili Beach in Cape York and traveled on and off with them down the West Coast of Australia.
They also feature on Travelling Australia with kids.

Travel Australia with Kids
tawkTravelling Australia With Kids was started to help other families who wanted information about travelling the country with their children. At the time there were many commercial sites and personal blogs, but there was not a site that could guide families towards their own journey. TAWK features other travelling families on the site, so that you can get real stories from real families travelling the country. The Travel Australia With Kids Facebook Page is also a very popular with people able to ask questions, post their own photos, share their experiences and connect with like minded people.

Trailer Park Trash
This is one of the best Australian travel blogs written by a family who are slowly travelling around Australia. We first spoke to them in Darwin and offer some great insight about the ups and downs of traveling around Australia. They also have a great section on home schooling which is a challenge for all families on the road..

1 Year Off

Our Family Getabout

The Blonde Nomad

Highway Dreams

Expedition Australia
Expedition Australia is one our favorite travel websites and produce a fantastic dvd series.

Family Road trip Australia

Little Aussie Travellers

Great Australian Road Trip

Travel Outback Australia

Outback Travel Secrets

my swag
We have been members of the MySwag forum for years now and offer a lot of valuable information of camping with Camper trailers. There’s lots of technical information and advice on camper trailers and 4x4s.

Expandas Downunder