Camping with Kids

Adding kids to the camping scene means that you need to consider a lot more than when you were camping alone. I remember the days when my brother Tim would turn up in the bush with no more than a sleeping bag and a slab of beer. His reasoning was that he knew I would have everything else because I was bringing the kids along. Two children later, he purchased a camper trailer to fit his family of four in. He packs enough food for 4, 2 bikes, heaps of spare clothes, sleeping bags and pillows, coffee machine, Engel fridge and cooking gear! Importantly, he still finds room to pack the slab of beer!

Bitter Springs, NT

Bitter Springs, NT

Some considerations to take into account are what clothes the kids need to take and how much, what food will they eat, what if they get wet and cold, what if they get bitten by something in the bush, how will they travel long distances in the car, how will we keep them entertained, are the kids too young to go camping…… many questions!
Looking back now, it was just a matter of planning and then experience knowing what to take and what not to take for each camping trip. We would often say that you pack the same gear when taking the kids camping whether it be for 2 nights or 7 nights. The only difference was more food.

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Don’t get me wrong, travelling with children is great fun and they get to enjoy the outdoors however it is harder than going away by yourself or your partner. But so is dragging 3 young children down to the local shopping centre to buy something for dinner. The difference is that the kids are usually a lot more excited going camping than going food shopping.
Whether they are at home or camping, they will need to be fed, washed, supervised and clothed.

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The Camping with Kids section provides tips on travelling entertainment, things to do at camp, weather extremes, kids camping gear, learning on the road, keeping the kids healthy and keeping the kids safe.