lachlan beer

Lachy is an 11 year old who has been camping for 6 years and is currently travelling around Australia with his family.

What do you like the most about camping?
Adventure, discovering stuff and climbing trees

What is your favourite camping item?
My pocket knife

What camping destinations have you been to?
Tasmania, South Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

lachlan beer

Other camping items that you take with you camping?
1) Ipod
2) ball
3) bike

What is your favourite camp spot and why?
Beaches, desert and the bush. Glen Cromie near Drouin is my favourite because I’m familiar with the tracks.


What jobs does Mum and Dad make you do when camping?
Washing the dishes and getting water

Favourite camping meal?
Hot dogs

What is the best thing about camping with your family?
We have good times spending time together and fun playing with my brothers

What is the worst thing about camping with your parents?
Jobs that I have to do

What are the things that would make camping even more fun?
Going camping more often and taking friends with me. Able to take my bike and surfboard each time we go camping.

Do you think you will continue camping when you grow up?

Lachy 🙂

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