Kings Canyon Resort, N.T.

Kings Canyon Campground

Kings Canyon Resort

At the end of a walk that includes a section called “heart attack hill”, its refreshing to sit back in your comfortable camp chair, drink in hand while enjoying the sunset over Kings Canyon. Camping at Kings Canyon Resort allows you to do all this.
We chose to stay for two nights which gave us time to explore Kings Canyon and tick off another bucket list item of riding camels in Central Australia.

Getting there:
Uluru to Kings Canyon takes around 3 hours and 4 and a half hours from Alice Springs via the Stuart Highway

The showers and toilets blocks were clean.
The drinking water comes from treated bore water and occasionally has an odour that comes from the elevated sulphur content.
A dump point is located behind the Petrol station near the entrance to the park.
The petrol station sells everything from groceries, hot and cold food, the Mereenie Loop Pass, souvenirs, basic pharmaceuticals, gas refills, ice, fuel and gas.
No fires or generators are permitted at any time in the park.

We were fortunate to get a site that overlooked the sun setting on Kings Canyon. It’s advisable to ask for this area as there’s nothing
better than having happy hour while watching the sun setting on the cliffs.
Site numbers 61 to 70 were the best ones to watch the sunset.
We noticed that a lot of travellers were just staying the one night and leaving the next day after they had done the Kings Canyon Rim walk.

View from Kings Canyon resort

View from Kings Canyon resort

Dogs are allowed in the Kings Canyon Resort but must stay on a leash and are not allowed in the Kings Canyon National Park. Note that dingoes patrol the area during the evening so it pays to keep your dog safe inside the van.

Playground / kids activities
The kids had a great time at the Bistro near the Kings Canyon Resort when we had dinner there one evening with the kids being included in the entertainment.

Click here for the latest prices to stay in the campground.

Great atmosphere in the local Bistro however apart from the dingoes howling at night who seemed to be having a great time, it was pretty quiet.

Don’t believe fellow campers when they say children aren’t allowed to walk around the camp by themselves. Yes, there are dingoes walking through the campground and I wouldn’t be keen to let a toddler wander off but I wouldn’t let that happen anywhere.
The kids just need to be aware of the dingoes and taught to leave them alone. Treat them with respect like any strange dog. Let the kids know that they are wild and aren’t keen on getting a pat and you will be right.
There are dingo gates on the toilets so they don’t get in there and become cornered when someone half asleep walks in there in the middle of the night.

You can contact the Kings Canyon Resort here. Note that a new page will open.

What we liked most about the park
Listening to the dingoes howling at night, the sunset on Kings Canyon and having a beer at the local called the Thirsty Dingo Bar.

What we disliked most about the park
The park could do with a few dollars spent on the amenities block.
way too many prickles on the grass that you couldn’t walk on there without the barbs sticking through the sole of your thongs.
I recommend that you rake the grass or use a tarp before laying out the tent.

What the kids liked most about the park
Swimming pool and following the dingoes around in the evening.

Nissan Pathfinder R51 on the Mereenie loop

Nissan Pathfinder R51 on the Mereenie loop

What the kids disliked most about the park
The playground was pretty boring. Too many thorns on the ground meant flat tyres on the bikes

Parking and access
There is plenty of space to get the big caravans into the park. The sites are large enough to cater for all sizes of vans and campertrailers.
Access to Kings Canyon campground is along sealed roads if you are coming from Lasseters Highway. The alternative route is from Alice Springs via the Mereenie Loop road which is a gravel road and will require you to purchase a pass for a few dollars. If you choose to travel this way, the distance is 320 Kms out of which 200 Kms is gravel.

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