Stonestomper stone guard

Anyone looking for something to protect the van / campervan doesn’t need to look any further than the Stonestomper product. The Stonestomper stone guard works a treat deflecting mud, stones and dust away from the Jayco Swan Outback.
Our first real test was on the Mereenie loop between Kings Canyon and Alice Springs. The track was wet, slippery and muddy after a Central Australia thunderstorm passed. We sat on 70kph confident that the stones were deflecting under the van. In fact, we were surprised at how well the back window stayed clean. A mate traveling with us couldn’t see out of his Patrol’s back window from the mud flicking up onto it. He has the standard stone guard on his camper trailer which was covered in an inch of red mud at the end of the track.

Stonestomper at Central Australia

Stonestomper at Central Australia

Stonestomper Cost

The stonestomper cost us $550 plus $50 delivery. This was a small cost for piece of mind knowing that the rear window was protected on the Pathfinder. When we arrived at Uluru, we were surprised at how many vehicles had smashed rear windows from rocks hitting the van and deflecting up onto the rear windscreen.

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The Stonestomper is a one piece stone protector made from heavy duty Truck mesh. It stretches from underneath the front of the van to the rear of the vehicle.
The second part of the stonestomper is a canvas flap that runs along a steel tube which attaches to the vehicles towbar.

Once delivered, it took me a couple of hours to fit. It’s not difficult to mark up the brackets and connect them to the van.
Once the brackets are attached, it’s just a matter of connecting the stonestomper to the brackets.

Benefits of the stonestomper

Protection for the accessories on the van such as gas bottles, coupling, A frame and brake lines
Keeps the front of the van clean in the wet from road spray from the tow vehicle
Reduces the dust rising between the car and van

Access to the rear of the car is easy by just undoing a couple of the clips. The stonestomper drops out of the way and access is gained to the rear of the car.
If you don’t undo the clips, there is enough give in the elastic to just push it aside with your leg.

One tip I have is to buy an exhaust piece that points the exhaust fumes downwards. The hot exhaust fumes tend to blacken the canvas and slowly wear it out. I didn’t bother with this and even after 6000km using the stonestomper, the canvas is only slightly worn out.

Stonestomper brackets attached to Jayco

Stonestomper brackets attached to Jayco

There is no need to disconnect when making tight turns. I was a bit sceptic at first but couldn’t believe how well the elastic stretches.

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Stonestomper stretch

Stonestomper stretch

Fast facts
Custom made to the vans measurements
Can be removed in less than a minute
Made and tested in Australia
Weighs less than 6kg
Delivered Australia wide