Travel Gear

We are fortunate in Australia that we have a huge range of travel gear available for camping, caravanning, travelling and four wheel driving. Obviously, it’s from the love of the outdoors due to our climate and vast areas to explore over the Australian continent. These pages provide a unbiased product review of the items we use everyday while we caravan, camp and travel around Australia.

A good tip we learnt years ago was to buy the best travel gear you could purchase at the time. When we started camping as a family many years ago, all we could afford was a secondhand tent that cost $50. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t the best tent. What was important is that it provided somewhere to sleep while camping at Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.

Since then, we have upgraded from a $50 tent to two Blackwolf Turbo Tents. They cost around $900 each on sale but can be put up in less than 10 minutes. Point being that we purchased the best tent we afford at the time.

travel gear high country victorian nissan pathfinder

Nissan Pathfinder R51 in the Victorian High Country

Quite often, travel gear articles in the print media or on websites provide product reviews on travel gear where they open the product up, turn them on at their desk and write a review. Or they will take them out to a campsite for an overnighter just to write a review for their publication. The photos of the product look great all nice and shiny however I wonder how long the product will actually last in the outdoors.
Not all publications do this. Some are very good at what they do and will go to great measures in writing a product review on comparing products, sometimes even to their detriment. On the other end of the scale, many publications will provide product reviews then run an ad for that product a few pages later.  The review basically is another advertisement.

The travel gear reviews provided here are products that we have been using and still use while camping and traveling around Australia.