nathan beer

Nathan is a 8 year old who has been camping for 6 and half years.

What do you like the most about camping?
Cooking and eating marshmallows on the campfire

nathan beer

What is your favourite camping item?
fishing rod and pocket knife

What camping destinations have you been to?

Other camping items that you take with you camping?
1) bike
2) dog teddy

nathan beer

What is your favourite camp spot and why?
Kings Canyon campground because dingos were walking around

What jobs does Mum and Dad make you do when camping?
drying the dishes

Favourite camping meal?
curried sausages

What is the best thing about camping with your family?
fishing with my Dad

What is the worst thing about camping with your parents?
Doing jobs and doing any schoolwork

What are the things that would make camping even more fun?
Bringing our dog Belle with us but we cannot travel around Australia with her

Do you think you will continue camping when you grow up?
Yes, of course

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