Jayco Expanda Accessories

The Jayco Expanda accessories are best chosen prior to ordering your new van. It’s much easier for Jayco to install any added features at the factory during the build than later at the Jayco Dealership. You also need to be very specific where you want the extras placed in the van. We requested an extra outside light however we forgot to mention that we wanted them either ends of the van. They put one at the front and the other above the door!

jayco accessories expanda

Jayco overlooking the King Leopold Range, Kimberley

Jayco Expanda Accessories

300mm Extended drawbar $247 (always a good option when buying a new van)
2 x 150 Watt Solar Panels $1663 (gives us an extra boost for charging the batteries. Its much easier to install these when the van is manufactured)
2 x 100 Amp Batteries $707 (never enough battery storage, especially when camping off the grid)
External Shower $275 (good for washing the kids after a swim at the beach)
Extra onside Annexe Light $100 (a single one is not enough)
Light above external shower with separate light switch $100
Double external powerpoint $75 (very handy having two plugs in the annexe)
External TV outlet $75 (cannot believe this was not standard!)
Fusion Stereo with external Speakers $1322 (bit of a luxury but very very nice. great sound, especially outside)
3 x Shelves in Robe $75
12 Volt and 240 volt plugs in each bunk $150 (kids can charge their electronic devices in their beds, instead of taking up bench space)
Upgraded Dometic RM4601 186 litre fridge $1375 (one of the best upgrades we did on the Jayco Expanda)
Winegaurd Arial $378
External Hatch under bunks $150
Vantec Spray $650 (we have split both red wine and milk on the cushions in our Swan and both times could be wiped off. Good investment)
Front and Rear Privacy Screens $500
Hitchmaster DO35 $500

jayco accessories Replaced the standard hitch with the Hitchmaster DO35

Replaced the standard hitch with the Hitchmaster DO35