Wife camping

Taking the wife camping is one of the most enjoyable part of travelling around Australia and sharing those experiences. Not every partner will be into camping but if you follow a few simple tips, taking your wife camping can be a lot of fun. This page is for the Aussie blokes who want to take the girlfriend or wife camping but they aren’t convinced.

wife camping

Michelle enjoying Cape York.

Taking the wife camping with Shower and Toilet facilities

When I take the wife camping, I always ensure there is a toilet and shower available, whether it’s at a Caravan park or free camping with a portable shower and toilet. We are fortunate that our Jayco Expanda has it’s own ensuite which makes it so much easier.
Another important thing to consider is ensuring the bedding is comfortable and warm. We added a eggshell mattress on top of the innerspring for the extra comfort. When we travel in the high country, we take the Roof top tent which also includes an eggshell mattress. Making sure everyone gets a good nights sleep will assist in your wife’s camping experience.
Even when taking the Blackwolf Tent, we take a couple of strethers and good self inflating mattresses. We did this on a trip to Tasmania for 3 weeks and there were no complaints about the sleeping arrangements.

wife camping

Michelle opening numerous gates at Home Valley Station, Kimberley

Taking the wife camping means she is on holiday as well

Another good idea is to keep in mind that taking your wife camping means that she also is on holiday. Dont expect her to do all the cooking, cleaning, looking after the kids and washing clothes. Share the load and it will be more enjoyable for her.

Taking your wife camping and keeping safe

Everyone that goes camping will want to feel safe and taking your wife camping is no exception. When free camping, we use commonsense and there’s only been a couple of times that she has not been comfortable. One time was trying to tackle a very steep track in the high country that no one in the car enjoyed (including me!) and another while free camping on the Nullabor near a truck driver that wasn’t too happy that caravans were staying in the bush behind the truck stop.

Taking your wife camping with friends

Another good idea when taking your wife camping is to travel with friends. This doesn’t mean 10 blokes who just want to drink beer all weekend and drive around in their 4 wheel drives (sounds pretty appealing but not the point of this article). Camping with another family or inviting a couple of wives to come along will make it more enjoyable. That’s assuming that the wives or girlfriends enjoy camping and their partners have read this page!
wife camping
If your taking the family camping, my last tip is to give your wife some alone time and find something to do with the kids. And most importantly, don’t expect dinner to be cooked when you get home. Let her have some time to herself whether it be reading a book, going for a walk along the beach or just plain doing nothing.