Buying Caravans Online

Buyers Beware – Buying caravans online can come with danger of being ripped off. In the world of online selling and buying caravans or cars, the buyer and seller needs to be aware of the ways scammers can swindle hard earned money from honest people.

We advertised our Jayco Expanda Outback 18.57-9 on Facebook, Gumtree and Caravan and Camping Sales for $46,000 while the ad on Trading Post is for $22,000. Now the majority of Buyers would see that the pice is too good to be true, however there is always a risk that someone will fall for the scam.

buying caravans online

I contacted Trading Post via email requesting that the ad be removed, however it continues to be displayed after a week. I’ve also had people contact me regarding the post through my mobile number on Gumtree and Caravan and Camping Sales. They were honest people advising me that misleading and scam advertisement was on the Trading Post.

jayco expanda cape york

Buying Caravans Online Scammer Response

This is the response from the person claiming to own the caravan.
First of all my name is Sandra, the caravan It is in very good
condition and everything is in working order not a cent to spend.
Due to a recent job promotion which will take me to Darwin NT for the
next 4 years, I need a fast and reliable buyer for this caravan.
Because this must happen quickly, I am willing to let it go for $22,000.
The delivery and paper transfer can be done to any location in the
Aussie between $150 to $1250 (depending on your location)

Also, it comes with a clear title, roadworthy certificate and registration.
This is a fantastic van for the family, you won’t be disappointed.
I will only consider a buyer that is really interested to buy my
caravan and don’t waste my time with endless discussion or contact me
just out of curiosity.
I’ll appreciate your attention in this matter!
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

This is the email address being used by the “seller”- Sandra Pedley <>

buying caravans online

Side Note for people wondering why we are selling the Jayco Expanda
We are selling the Jayco Expanda because it no longer suits our camping lifestyle. We purchased the van specifically to travel around australia are camping in a Jayco Campertrailer for a few years. It’s setup for free camping but is also great in caravan parks as well with heaps of internal space and storage. We are restoring a 1963 Jaguar MK10 and will look at towing a Retro Van behind it for our camping trips.

Buying caravans online or any type of vehicle comes with risk, however a bit of investigation and common sense when the deal seems too good to be true often is exactly that – too good to be true.