Jayco Warranty

Jayco Warranty is one of the best we have come across with all our travelling gear. Our Jayco Expanda is having a 6 week holiday at Jayco Head office in Dandenong to fix a few items. New cushions, new floor covering, complete new ensuite and new outside lights and hatches among other things.

jayco warranty crack

Crack in fibreglass

Issues with the Expanda fixed under the Jayco Warranty

While travelling around Australia, the Jayco Warranty cover has been used a few times with no questions asked. They have service dealers all around Australia who update a national Jayco Database using the chassis id as the reference.

jayco warranty peeling light

Peeling light

Here is the full list of items that head office is looking at:
1) Stitching coming apart on lounge cushions where they have been in contact with the plastic velcro parts. – REPLACED WITH NEW CUSHIONS (SAME COLOUR FROM 2013)
2) LED light flickering above lounge – REPLACED UNDER WARRANTY
jayco warranty peeling hatch

Peeling hatch

3) Screws fallen out from under the lounge base. (drawer frame needs removing to get to them)
4) The window latches on the bunk beds windows don’t close properly.- REPLACED UNDER JAYCO WARRANTY
5) The vent in the bathroom is broken and needs replacing. One of the plastic clips have broken on the unit and doesn’t hold the fly screen in place. – REPLACED

6) Bathroom mirrors to be replaced. One fell of months ago and smashed and the other has a crack on it near the screws. – REPLACED
7) Bathroom yellowing on the sections that are in direct sunlight . Seems to be discoloured from the sun. – REPLACED UNDER JAYCO WARRANTY

jayco warranty bathroom

Faded ensuite

8) The wood panelling around the shower /toilet door is peeling and needs replacing – REPLACED UNDER JAYCO WARRANTY
9) Stereo remote control hasn’t worked from purchase date.
10) Full light not working on our toilet cassette. 3 Jayco service dealers have had a look at it but still not working. The light only worked for a month and stopped after work was done by Bayswater Jayco to stop the leak behind the shower wall. – REPLACED UNDER JAYCO WARRANTY
11) The wooden seat base under the cushion needs new rivets in them. – FIXED UNDER JAYCO WARRANTY
jayco warranty cushions

Cushion stitching coming undone

12) The plastic strip on the step needs replacing. It’s perished and cracked. – REPLACED UNDER JAYCO WARRANTY
13) The 3 outside led lights are faded and the plastic peeling off one of them.- REPLACED UNDER JAYCO WARRANTY
14) Taps don’t have water pressure without using the 12 volt pump even when there is good outside water pressure – REPLACED
16) Front fibreglass bed cover has stress fractures in it and needs replacing. – REPLACED UNDER JAYCO WARRANTY
17) Crack in the ceiling near the door. ADDED TO JAYCO DATABASE
18) Toilet hatch door faded yellow and peeling – REPLACED UNDER JAYCO WARRANTY

jayco warranty bathroom faded
19) Fibreglass yellowed on the Bed Ends compared to caravan ends.
20) Outside shower has very small water pressure and cannot be used – ADVISED TO REMOVE FILTER IN TAP
21) Something broken in the Toilet cassette and rattling around in it. – REPLACED UNDER JAYCO WARRANTY
22) Plastic coming away from stove top – WEAR AND TEAR
23) Sink leaks underneath when water is sitting in the sink – FIXED UNDER JAYCO WARRANTY
24) floor raised near door / sink area – line will be cut out, sanded and a new layer of flooring will be put down – REPLACED
25) 12 volt fan broken – REPLACED UNDER JAYCO WARRANTY
jayco warranty faded light
26) crack in fibreglass front end near light – FIXED
26) Power input cover faded yellow – REPLACED UNDER JAYCO WARRANTY
27) Drain pipe broken and comes apart – REPLACED UNDER JAYCO WARRANTY
28) jocky wheel dodgy – REPLACED UNDER JAYCO WARRANTY

Jayco also serviced the van for $450 and resprayed the front of the van that was damaged from stone chips for $150.
Jayco had the van for 2 months and all the issues where fixed or replaced under the Jayco Warranty.