Pelicans at San Remo

Pelicans at San Remo
Yesterday we went to San Remo to look at the pelicans get fed. They were really big and they go there every day at 12 o’clock to get fed.

lachlan pelican 1

When the ranger came out to feed the pelicans she told us lots of facts about them like the males have longer beaks than females, they are Australia’s largest flying birds, when they are babies they look like fluffy chickens and when they are ready to mate their beaks go dark pink. The lady was feeding them flatheads from the fish factory next door. One of the pelicans tried to get a fish but another one stole it twice, he finally got a fish afterwards.

And at the end of the show there was a few pelicans that hadn’t flown away and there was only one pelican that you could pat and he was still there, the ranger asked me if I wanted to pat him, so I did, first the ranger said to make sure that the pelican is looking at her then go behind him and pat him. I’ve never seen a pelican fly and before we left the pelicans that were still there flew away, it was really unusual seeing them fly because of their size.