Places to visit

There are so many places to visit in Australia that people spend years travelling around Australia. We have met people on the road that have done many laps of Australia and still finding new places to visit.
Australians have been travelling throughout this country since the early settlers started exploring new grazing lands for their new colony. During the gold rush days, prospectors and their families travelled great distances to the goldfields. Then, in the thirties during the depression, unemployed workers would pack a swag and travel the country looking for employment. An elderly lady who used to live next door to me when I was a child would talk about people knocking on her door looking for work while they travelled throughout the countryside.

Let’s not forget about the earliest group of explorers who arrived around 40 thousand years ago and spread throughout the continent. There are some amazing sites to visit in the Kimberley, Kakadu and Cape York that are absolutely amazing.

Most people who travel have a bucket list of places to visit while they are away from home. We started off a few years ago with a magazine article that had 100 things to see and do in Australia. We adopted it and didnt take long to make a dent in it.’

A few of the more popular destinations in Australia are:
1) The Kimberley
2) Flinders Ranges
3) Kakadu
4) Cape York
5) Central Australia

The places to visit pages will continue to grow while we travel around Australia.

places to visit Spirit of Tasmania - destination Tasmania

Spirit of Tasmania – destination Tasmania

Our favourite places to visit in Australia have been:
1. Ningaloo Reef – amazing snorkeling, white sand and crystal clear water. Throw in the amount of underwater wildlife and you could spend a couple of weeks there.
2. Kakadu National Park – just go there to see the large crocs in the wild. Amazing place.
3. Cape York – Must do when travelling around Australia. The beaches and remoteness of the Cape is a must do. Its just a pity that you cannot swim there!