Ashley is a 18 year old who has been camping for most of his life.

What do you like the most about camping?
Getting away from the stress and responsibility of ordinary life, and being able to relax in the peace and quiet of nature.

Ash at the top of australia

Ash at the top of australia

What is your favourite camping item?
My iPad for reading books on the go.

What camping destinations have you been to?
– Cape York
– Wilson’s Prom
Central Australia
– Kakadu National Park
– Central NSW and QU

What are some other items you take camping?
My pocket knife and my work boots are also essential when we wander off the beaten track.

What is your favourite camp spot and why?
Tidal River at Wilson’s Prom, because of the beautiful scenery, amazing walks and surf beach near the camp.

Ashley at the Kimberley

What jobs do you do when camping?
Doing dishes, helping make and break camp, cleaning.

What is the best thing about camping with your family?
It’s an experience we’ll be able to remember and discuss for the rest of our lives.

What’s the worst thing about camping with your family?
My little brothers are annoying and there isn’t much personal space.

What are the things that would make camping even more fun?
Having better internet access.

Do you think you will continue camping when you grow up?
Yes, definitely. I have my own swag and gear, so there’s nothing stopping me.