Lachlan’s review of Cape York

Lachlan’s review of Cape York.
I liked fishing in Cape York because I went fishing at Seisia and caught a Catfish, a Queenfish and a barracuda. Dad only caught one sucker fish at Seisa. However, at Punsand Bay, Dad caught a 1.5 metre shovel nose shark and a pink threadfin Salmon.

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The worst thing about Cape York was the long drives and rough roads. The last day we travelled 13 hours as the road was getting really slippery and Mum and Dad said that it would be better to get back to the caravan before the roads got worse. There were a few trucks along the way that had slipped off the road. We had to watch a lot of movies so Dad could concentrate on the slippery road.

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My favourite place was Punsand Bay because of the Corrugation Bar. Mum and Dad spent a whole afternoon in the bar and then we had pizza for dinner. I think they couldnt be bothered cooking dinner after watching us in the pool all afternoon. The Corrugation bar had really good food.

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My favourite beach was Punsand Bay because when the tide goes out, there was was a leftover pool of water that Nathan and I could swim in. Dad was fishing next to us and kept an eye on the water in case something like a crocodile decided to walk into it.

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Weipa was my favourite place because there was an awesome pool in the caravan park. We went to the Bowls club for dinner with some friends we met in Chili Beach.

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At the Croc Tent, I got a Cape York pin for my hat, a croc leather bracelet and a croc tooth necklace. The Croc tent was not far from the top of Australia.

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Overall, Cape York was awesome although it was nice to sleep back in the caravan after two weeks of sleeping with Ash and Nathan in the tent.