Bachsten Gorge

Bachsten Gorge waterfall. Look closely at the two smallish figures swimming in the gorge. It just happens to be Lachlan and Ashley, who along with Nathan, walked up ahead of Michelle and I and then decided to do the extra (30 minutes climb) down to the bottom of the gorge by themselves.
We told the boys (incorrectly) to follow the track along the river and we would catch up. Unfortunately for Michelle and I, the track veered away from the river. The boys did the right thing and followed the track however now Michelle and I had the decision to make, either follow the river as we instructed or take the track marked with pink ribbons.
We decided on the river but after another kilometre of walking in the 36 degree Kimberley heat, we decided to turn back and follow the track.
bachsten gorge_mt elizabeth_kimberley
By the time we got to the Gorge lookout, we were both exhausted, stressed, then relieved to spot the boys at the bottom but then annoyed because now I would have to walk to the bottom and bring them back up.
We also hadn’t been prepared to walk 3 hours in the heat as the walk was only 1 km with a nice easy swim at the end. We were so wrong.

New rules are in place now for all our of walks – always carry water bottles, wear appropriate footwear, wear hats, wear tshirts and above all, stick together!!

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