Website Development Questions

The following Website Development Questions are a good example of what needs to be completed by the client to assist the Development of the new website.
Customer Name:

Domain Name:

Tag Line:
Example < unique and relaxing camping experience surrounded by National Park>

Type of Business:

How do you describe your Business?

Name some local competition including their website?

Name a few favorite Pub / Farmstay / Accommodation Websites and why?

Name a few least favorite Pub / Farmstay / Accommodation websites and why?

What are your main selling points?

Do you need the website to tie into any particular 3rd party applications?

Do you need a contact form?
Alternative suggestion is to link page to Facebook, email, phone and bookings through AirBNB or equivalent

What types of visitors do you want to attract? Who is your target audience? (age group, weekend warriors, romantic getaways, people who travel around Australia, couples, families, and other demographics?

What pages do you think your website should include?
Suggested pages on Menu –





Local Attractions


Do you have any definite remarks on what you dont want to have on your website?

Do you have all the photos and images the site needs? Are the photos already online, owned and taken by the Client? Will new photos be required?

Would you like a review on the website? The review will be approved by the client prior to publishing

Company contact information for Contracts & Billing:

Company Name:
Company ABN: