Website Design and Hosting

Website Design and Hosting is expensive, complicated and time consuming. We can create a basic website for your property for a small fee while the website’s appearance remains professional and appealing to your guests. We then charge a small monthly fee for as long as you want your website active. There are no long term contracts, no hidden costs, just a simple pay by the month fee to keep it up to date and running smoothly.

While we were travelling around Australia in 2014, we noticed that quite a few Pubs and Farmstays that were offering accommodation didn’t have a website or Facebook page. We have always preferred to do our investigation in regards to what accommodation is available online and make our decision based on the cost, available reviews and what the property looks like. If the property didn’t have a website, then we relied on Wikicamps or word of mouth from other travellers to help us make our decision on whether to stay or not.

Website Design and Hosting

We realised when we were travelling that there was a gap in the market for small to medium size properties that could benefit from having a website and linked Facebook account. A gap that we could assist with using our IT and Hospitality backgrounds.

So if you’re interested, continue reading. We can build a website with a linked Facebook account that includes:
1. Purchasing the domain name,
2. Adding content and images,
3. Designing the look and feel,
4. Hosting the site on GoDaddy,
5. Maintenance of the website
6. Updating the content on a monthly basis for as little as $20 (plus gst)

Website Technology

The technology that we build the website on is called responsive which means that the website changes shape to accommodate Ipads, mobile phones and PCs. Take a look at on a Iphone or change the size of your window on your PC and you will see what I mean. The page accommodates and changes size based on the technology that you’re using.

 StartupMonthly Fee
Basic$100 (plus gst)$10 (plus gst)
Standard$200 (plus gst)$20 (plus gst)
Basic $100 (plus gst)Standard $200 (plus gst)
Domain name registrationDomain name registration
Add content and imagesAdd content and images
GoDaddy HostingGoDaddy Hosting
Website maintenanceWebsite maintenance
Mobile / Tablet ResponsiveMobile / Tablet Responsive
Facebook LikesFacebook Likes
$10 a month planMaximum of 4 Content updates per month
Review of Property and link on
$20 a month plan

About us – We have been camping and caravanning for many years and spent 2014 on the road travelling around Australia. We developed our own website called that we continue to expand in our spare time.
We are based in Drouin which is in the dairy farming region of West Gippsland and have many years of experience in Hospitality and IT Project Management.

Benefits of Social Media and online content

Some time ago I put a product review on the website and copied the link onto 3 Facebook accommodation / travel groups. The website in one day had around 2500 page views! This outlined to me the benefits of social media for people travelling around Australia and consolidated the idea of creating websites for Farmstays that didn’t have anything setup and couldn’t justify the high costs of web design and hosting.

Have a think about how a basic website could promote your property and if you’re interested, send us an email at
We are more than happy to discuss and answer any questions you may have.

There are a range of questions that need to be thought through before building any website. I have created a list that is targetted towards Farmstays, Bed and Breakfast and Pub Stays. The questionnaire can be found here. Our privacy policy can also be found here.

Michelle and Jason