Staying safe when travelling

Staying safe in the Australian Bush is important for you, your family and your friends while you travel around Australia. Dont be put off though by visiting the Australian Bush as its a great place offering amazing scenery and a large range of wildlife in an unspoilt environment. Whether you are visiting the open space of the numerous Australian Deserts, the tropical rainforests of the north or the bush block not far from home, you need to stay safe.
Staying safe is more important when travelling in an isolated area or in harsh environments. One such example is the popular crossing of the Simpson Desert between Birdsville and Mt Dare where you are basically on your own and require to be self sufficient with fuel, water, recovery gear and food. The track is closed over summer due to the extreme hot weather in Central Australia.

Magnetic Island, Far North Queensland

Magnetic Island, Far North Queensland

Although you cannot plan for every mishap or ill fortune, there are a few basics for staying safe that you should do before travelling around Australia like enrolling in a First Aid Course. Following a few simple tips will give you confidence of knowing what to do if the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere or if someone falls ill.  A good idea is to always carry a separate emergency box that you can quickly get from the car in case an on accident.

 staying safe Michelle driving across the river Cape York

Michelle driving across the river Cape York

While travelling around Australia, you can encounter life threatening bush fires, poisonous snakes, crocodiles, hypothermia, dehydration, stingers that will kill within 2 minutes, sharks………makes you want to think twice about travelling anywhere in Australia!

Scrubby Creek, Cape York

Walk the water crossings before driving through them,. Watch out for Crocs! Scrubby Creek, Cape York

The last tip I can give anyone before travelling around Australia and staying safe is not to watch the movie called “Wolf Creek”.

Safe travels!